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The GRASP Forum

News: 1st Meeting of the term - October 6th

About Us

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The Graduate Student and Postdoc forum (GRASP) was developed in 2011 to provide postgraduate students and early career researchers in Life Sciences with a platform for the communication of ideas and mutual concerns, and for the coordination of academic activities across all Departments, Institutes and Partner Institutions of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS).

GRASP consists of postgraduate student and postdoctoral representatives from the Departments, Institutes and Partner Institutions in the GSLS. GRASP members are well-positioned to facilitate communication amongst the student and postdoc communities, and the governing bodies of the Faculty of Biology and the Graduate School of Life Sciences. We take proposals and concerns from the student and postdoc communities to Faculty board meetings and GSLS strategic committee meetings. We also ensure that students and postdocs are aware of relevant developments in these central committees.

Specifically, GRASP is responsible for:

  1. Presenting concerns from postgraduate students and early career research staff to the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) Strategic Committee (SC)
  2. Facilitating interdepartmental communication amongst postgraduate students and early career researchers to help the GSLS function as a coherent whole (see Meetings)
  3. Consulting with the SC on matters related to academic education, scientific training, transferable skills training and careers training that are of direct relevance to postgraduate students and early career researchers (see Events)




Our Logo

The logo has been created with an emphasis on the central role played by GRASP in the structure of other university bodies. The connection of Postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers of GSLS, School of Biological Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine and the GSLS Strategic Comittee is depicted by three inward pointing arrows with GRASP at its centre. The interaction of these and its impact on communication between these essential parts of GRASP is then exhibited as a set of outward pointing arrows. This creates a complex shape resonating with the main purpose and central position of a GRASP.

Welcome to the Graduate School of Life Sciences

We are the largest centre for research and professional training in the Life Sciences in the UK, offering a very special experience to a community of around 2000 graduate students across departments within the School of the Biological Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine and eleven University Partner Institutes in the Cambridge area.

Every year some of the world's brightest and most determined students are attracted by the opportunity to carry out research projects with renowned scientists in a vibrant, multidisciplinary environment at one of the world's most respected research-led universities.

The School co-ordinates funding opportunities within the Life Sciences for their postgraduate education, as well as ensuring students receive the highest quality supervision and training.