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How GRASP works

GRASP committeeIn-person meetings of GRASP take place termly and provide a congenial social atmosphere at which representatives can bring concerns and ideas forward for discussion and decide whether and how to take these further. GRASP meetings also provide a means of sharing news and coordinating activities. In addition to termly meetings, e-mail correspondence to the GRASP list enables more frequent discussion of timely issues and events.

GRASP is led and coordinated by the three faculties' postgraduate student representatives and by representatives from the postdoctoral community. The Faculty representatives also represent the postgraduate student body on the meetings of the Faculty Boards and - together with the postdoc representatives -  on the GSLS's Graduate Committee, so they are well placed to communicate in both directions, taking proposals and concerns from the student and postdoc communities to the committees and making sure that students are aware of relevant developments in the central committees.