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Poster and Image Competitions

1st prize research imageThis is an annual event that ties in with the Cambridge Science festival. It is an opportunity for MPhil, PhD and postdoctoral researchers from across the GSLS to pitch their work to a non-expert audience, and get feedback from the judges.

There are three separate competitions that make up the overall event:

  • Research Posters - detailing specific research projects
  • Research Images - images taken during research
  • Impact Posters - conveying a simple scientific message

You can see work from 2013 and 2014 in the menu on the left.


2015 Winners

This year's winners were:

Research Poster:

  • Best Overall - Jessica McLachlan
  • Best MPhil/1st Year PhD - Courtney Vaughn and Leon Chlon (Joint first prize)
  • Best 2nd/3rd Year PhD - Brielle Stark
  • Best 4th Year PhD/Postdoc - Hanns Hagen Goetzke
  • 1st Prize - Craig Pearson
  • 2nd Prize - Alisa Zyryanova
  • 1st Prize - Nicholas Evans
  • 2nd Prize - Tom Turmezei
  • 3rd Prize - Gavin Rutledge
Click on the links above to see the winning exhibits.


Prize Lunch with Nobel Laureate

Prize winners this year will attend a Prize Winners' Lunch with Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt on 7 April. The best overall poster also wins an annual subscription to Science Magazine.



The event is generously sponsored by Linguamatics and Science Magazine




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