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Prize Winners' Lunch

The prize winners from this year's competition were invited to a lunch at Clare College on 4 April 2013 with guests:

  • Professor Sir John Gurdon (Nobel Laureate)
  • Professor Patrick Maxwell (Regius Professor of Physic)
  • Professor Ken Siddle (Chair of the GSLS Graduate Committee)
  • Dr Phil Hastings (Linguamatics [sponsor])
  • Ms Kerri Gardiner (GSLS Administrator)
  • Dr Geraint Wyn Story (GSLS Researcher Development Consultant)

The lunch was generously sponsored by Linguamatics.



The prize winning researchers were:


Research Poster Winners

  • Best Overall – David Labonte
  • MPhil/1st Year PhD – Tajinder Singh
  • 2nd/3rd Year PhD – Blessing Adamu
  • 4th Year PhD/Postdoc – Lia Chappell


Research Images

  • 1st Prize – Mubeen Goolam
  • 2nd Prize – Xana Almeida
  • 3rd Prize – Nuri Purswani


Awareness Posters

  • 1st Prize – Lia Chappell
  • 2nd Prize – Laura Schulz



Group shot



Gurdon, Siddle and Maxwell











Pre-dinner drinks











Dinner 1











Dinner 2











Dinner 3











Dinner 4

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