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Research Image

1. Theme for research images

Images must be of a subject relevant to your research.


2. Categories and prizes

There are no separate categories in this competition.

  • Best image
  • 2nd prize
  • 3rd prize

Each prize winner will be invited to be a guest at the Prize Lunch.

The best image will also be featured in BlueSci magazine.


3. Who can enter?

Entrants must be MPhil, PhD or postdoctoral researchers in the Graduate School of Life Sciences.


4. Submitting an image

  • Images must be submitted as electronic files to
  • All images must also be accompanied by a description of up to 100 words that describes the subject and how the picture was taken. The description must be aimed at the general public.
  • The image and text files must contain your name as the file names.


5. National Media

In the past, the national media have requested permission to feature selected images. Examples have been in the Independent on Sunday, and the BBC website. You will be contacted for your persmission but to help us with this process, please:

  • Inform us if you do not want want your image to feature in the press when you submit the work
  • Write your text description for the general public as it may appear in the press
  • Inform us if it is the first time that the subject has been captured in an image becasue this will incrase the likelyhood of you image featuring in the press


6. Format of the image file

In order to email the image successfully, it is recommended that you send a low resolution copy of the image in a file type such as JPEG.


7. Selection for exhibition

  • The best images from all the electronic images submitted will be selected for exhibition.
  • If your image is selected for display at the exhibition, you may be contacted by email and asked to resubmit the image at a higher resolution so it can be printed for the exhibition at approximately A2 size (594 x 420mm). These files are expected to be not smaller than 10MB, saved at 300-600dpi, probably from a 7-10 megapixel camera. The preferred format is as TIFF files with no compression, but JPEG files can be submitted but not using the maximum compression (otherwise the data will be lost).


8. Judging Criteria

The selection of the prize winners will be based on:

  • aesthetic appearance
  • communication of the essence of the research through the image
  • the accompanying text describing the subject and any techniques used to take the image
  • adherence to competition rules


9. Maximum number of entrants

The Graduate School of Life Sciences will accept an unlimited number of entries for the image competition but each graduate researcher may only submit one image.


10. Authorship

The images must have been captured by the entrants.


11. Deadline

The deadline for all submissions is 23.30 on Sunday 23 February 2014.


12. Free Printing

There is no need for you to print your image. The Graduate School of Life Sciences will print all images that are selected for the exhibition, free of charge to the postgraduate researcher.


13. Venue and Schedule

  • The event will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 13 March 2014 in the University Centre, Hicks Room.
  • Participants must be at the exhibition from 13.00-15.00 to explain their work to the judges and visitors in order to qualify to win a prize. Prize winners will be announced at 15.30.


14. Transferable skills credits

Students entering the image competition will be awarded one transferable skills credit.


15. Collecting your work after the exhibition

All work is free for participants to collect, either from (i) the exhibition venue on 14 March 2013 from 12.30 - 14.00 or (ii) from Dr Geraint Wyn Story's office at 25 Trumpington Street from 17 March - 28 March 2014 contact


16. Examples of previous work

Examples from previous years' competitions can be viewed.


17. Re-use of images

Images submitted to the competition may be re-used within the Graduate School of Life Sciences.