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Student Instructions

Flip Chart Presentation

The main session at the event will invlove you and a group of other students researching one topic so you can deliver a 3 min presentation to the rest of the students at the event.

Important Information

You have:

  • 25 min to research the topic
  • Strictly 3 min to present your findings
  • Flip chart paper and pens to help you give your presentation
  • One adviser from the University to help you
  • Permission to use the internet and any other resources to help you
  • A website with some starting information

All of your group members must be invloved with the delivery of the presentation.

You should focus on:

  • Why they need to know about the topic
  • What are the most important things that they should know
  • How can they find out more information

There will be a prize for the best presentation.