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2014 GSLS Poster and Image Competitions

Thomas EndleinLinguamaticsScience MagazineThe 2014 GSLS Poster and Image Competition was held on 13 March 2014 and generously sponsored by Linguamatics and Science Magazine.

The target audience for all exhibits was the general public and there were three competitions:

  • Research Poster - explaining individual Masters, PhD and postdoctoral research projects to the public with an A0 poster
  • Impact Poster - explaining one important scientific message to the public with an A2 poster  
  • Research Image - images from Masters, PhD and postdoctoral research



This year's winners were:

Research Poster:

  • Best Overall - Chin Hua Yap
  • Best MPhil/1st Year PhD - Fatima Junaid
  • Best 2nd/3rd Year PhD - Blessing Anonye
  • Best 4th Year PhD/Postdoc - Marleen Lentjes
  • 1st Prize - Jin Seok Lee
  • 2nd Prize - Theodore Cosco
  • 1st Prize - Alexander Hackmann
  • 2nd Prize - Mahalia Page
  • 3rd Prize - Gerit Linneweber
Click on the links above to see the winning exhibits.


Prize Lunch with Nobel Laureate

Prize winners this year will attend a Prize Winners' Lunch with Nobel Laureate Dr Venki Ramakrishnan on 15 April. The best overall poster will also win an annual subscription to Science Magazine.