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Prize Winners' Lunch

The Prize Winners' Lunch was held at Clare College on 15 April 2014.



Prize Winners

  • Chin Yap - Prize winner (best overall research poster)    
  • Fatima  Junaid - Prize winner (research poster [PhD year 1/MPhil)
  • Alex Hackman - Prize winner (research image 1st prize)
  • Mahalia Page - Prize winner (research image 2nd prize)
  • Jin Lee - Prize winner (impact poster 1st prize)   
  • Teddy Cosco - Prize winner (impact poster 2nd prize)     


Special Guests

  • Venki Ramkrishnan – Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Nobel Laureate)
  • David Milward – Event sponsor (Chief Technology Officer, Linguamatics)            
  • Dane Comerford - Science Festival organiser     
  • Geraint Wyn Story - Competition organiser        
  • David Good – Director of Education (School of Biological Sciences)          
  • Abbe Crawford - Student Chair of Graduate and Postdoc (GRASP) forum         
  • David Kent - Postdoc representative of Graduate and Postdoc (GRASP) forum
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