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Image Winners


2015_Image_Nicholas Evans.jpgFirst Prize – Nicholas Evans

Stroke is a leading cause of disability. A major trigger is atheroma; ‘furring up’ of arteries to the brain. Atheroma may become unstable and burst, triggering blood clot formation that causes strokes. However, methods to identify atheroma at risk of rupture are currently limited. This image demonstrates a potential solution. It combines imaging of arteries using computed tomography (CT) with superimposed positron emission tomography (PET) that uses radioactive markers that highlight unstable atheroma as a ‘hotspot’ (green area). This may allow screening and early treatment for individuals at risk of stroke, improved prediction of recovery and development of new treatments.











2015_ Tom Turmezei_image.jpgSecond Prize– Tom Turmezei

Cortical Bone Mapping. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is essential for driving research forward. The Departments of Engineering and Medicine at Cambridge have been working together to develop a new image analysis technique called Cortical Bone Mapping. This technique can measure the thickness of cortical bone (the outer shell-like layer) at many thousand points around the hip, plotting the results as a colour wash on a 3D model. These measurements can then be used to test whether individuals are at risk of a hip fracture if the bone is too thin, or if they might be developing osteoarthritis if too thick.










2015_Gavin Rutledge_image.jpgThird Prize – Gavin Rutledge

An image showing the genetic interactions between the malaria parasite and its mouse host. The red dots represent parasite genes, while blue dots are mouse genes. Lines between dots represent strong interactions, as derived from correlated gene expression patterns. The two large clusters show the different immune reactions of the mouse, with the bottom left being the innate immune reaction and the top left being the adaptive immune response to the parasite infection. Indeed, this picture represents the struggle between parasite and host. The image was generated using the Gephi network visualization software (








2015_Wendy Gu_image.jpg

Highly Commended - Wendy Gu