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Information for Judges

The following information is for judges at the SCM Research Day.


Summary of the Event

This event:

  • Showcases the research on the Addenbrooke’s site
  • Helps the participants to develop skills for communication and networking at academic conferences
  • Provides feedback to researchers from academics and peers

Masters, PhD and postdoc researchers are invited to submit abstracts, which are reviewed and selected for oral or poster presentation.

A summary and detailed programme are available here.


Buffet Lunch and Poster Preview

All the judges are welcome to attend a buffet lunch and poster preview from 12.15 - 14.15 on the day of the event. If you would like to attend the buffet lunch, please contact  by 12.30 on Wednesday 25 June 2014 so catering can be provided.


Oral Presentations (Group 1)

The judges for the Oral Presentations are:

  • Anna Philpott
  • Mark Wills
  • Aviva Tolkovsky

The oral presentations are divided up into two slots in Lecture Theatre 2 in the Clinical School:

  • 1330 - 1415
  • 15.50 - 16.35

Each presentation slot is 15 min long and speakers have been recommended to speak for 10 min and leave 5 min for questions, although the precise timing is at their discretion.

You should make your own notes and award each presenter a mark out of 100 based on

  • Delivery
  • Communication with general scientific audience
  • Scientific substance
  • Questions and answer session
  • Sticking to time

You should make feedback notes that can be passed on the presenters.


Poster Presentations (Groups 2 - 7)

There are 6 groups of posters, which have been allocated alphabetically. Each group will consist of researchers at different stages of their research so please do ask them, and take this into account.


Poster GroupJudges
2 (popular press posters)

Jenny Hirst, Sauparnika Rayapureddi


Hayley Woffendin, Gillian Tannahill


Nunzio Iraci, Elana Guisto


Luisa Pedro, Pablo Monsivais


Wei Li, Ian Mulvany


Emma Poole, Jack Brelstaff

The programme will provide detailed information of which posters you will be judging, where they will be, and the timings of the session.


Timings and Feedback

Please note that exact timings have been scheduled for you to visit each poster. You are allocated 10 min with each poster. You should spend 5 min disusing the work with the presenter, which should involve them giving a short pitch about the work. This will then allow 2-3 minutes for some questions and discussion. You should make sure that you provide verbal feedback to the presenter for the final 2 min. No written feedback is expected, but you should encourage the presenter to take notes of your feedback.

In your feedback, please try to discuss:

  • Poster aesthetics
  • Scientific substance
  • Communication to general scientific audience through poster alone
  • Discussion with judges
  • Sticking to time



You need to pick the best and second best posters from your group. This should be based on:

  • Poster aesthetics
  • Scientific substance
  • Communication to general scientific audience through poster alone
  • Discussion with judges
  • Sticking to time

Please nominate your winners to Dr Geraint Wyn Story by 15.45 on the day. 


* Please note that judging for the Popular Press Posters should take into account that these posters have been pitched to a popular press audience. Judges should first ask which popular press audience has been targeted, and also discuss with the student how the work has been tailored for that audience.