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Details of the Application Process

Application Process

Please consider the following guidance before submitting your Online Application Form (OAF):

  1. Ensure you have read the Guidelines for RD Activities section of this site to understand the vision the GSLS has for RD activity funding.
  2. All information for a bid must be contained within the OAF.  We cannot accept additional information by other means.
  3. As you cannot save your OAF before submission you may wish to use a Preparation Form to work on your application and then copy the information into the OAF for submission.
  4. When submitting your application you must agree with the Terms and Conditions of the GSLS RD Funding Bidding Process.
  5. If you are reapplying for a previously funded activity (whether from a previous academic year or a previous round of bidding this year) and have not yet submitted your Reports then you must do so using the Online Reporting Forms.
  6. Form submission is protected using Captcha technology.  If this is a problem in any way please contact the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences. 


Each bid will be subject to the Selection Process.  Bids will be allocated into one of the following categories:

OutcomeAfter Notification
Funded Applicant can accept funding and delivery event


Partially Funded

Applicant can accept partial funding if other sources of funds are available


Applicant can review and revise the bid for reapplication in a future funding round

Revision Required

Applicant can review and revise the bid for reapplication in a future funding round


The Selection Committee did not think that the bid was in agreement with its vision for RD activities in the GSLS

In each case feedback will be provided by the Selection Committee that should form the basis of any evaluation.

Successful Bids

Once an applicant has secured full or partial funding for an RD activity they will be contacted by the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences to make further arrangements and to sign the funding agreement.  They will also be given a unique Bid Reference Number which will be used to identify all future correspondence related to that bid.