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Graduate School of Life Sciences Researcher Development Activity Funding Bid

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Applicant Information

Provide details of the person submitting this bid

Departmental Contact

Departmental Contact should be from the Department of UPI in which the applicant normally works.  External trainers should enter Researcher Developer details.

Activity Planning

Background information to help the Selection Committee see where this activity fits within the GSLS RD programme as a whole.

Activity Tier   These are general examples, please see Guidelines for RD Activities for more details

Proposed date(s) of activity(s)  
Target Audience - Researcher Stage  
Target Audience - Researcher Discipline  

Researcher Devlopment Framework Skill Areas   Please select the three most applicable options. See Guidelines for RD Activities for an explanation.

Reapplications for Funding

Is this a reapplication for an activity that was funded or partially funded by the GSLS in a previous bid?   Previous bids include ones submitted in previous academic years or in a previous round of funding during this academic year

Have you submitted all your reports for the previously funded activity?  

In order to maintain the quality of our RD programme if you have not submitted the required reports we cannot consider your application for further GSLS RD Funding

Activity Details

This section allows you to explain what will go on at the proposed activity and what the impact of the activity will be for members of the GSLS who attend

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Financial Details

Enter values rounded to the nearest whole pound for total costs assuming full attendance


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