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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to these Terms and Conditions as part of the submission of your bid for GSLS RD Funding

Bidding Process

This bidding process is being run by the GSLS in order to award Researcher Development Committee funds to support Researcher Development activities for postgraduate students and postdocs who are part of the GSLS.  Bids will be assessed by the Selection Committee using the published criteria and all decisions on the outcomes of bids is final.

Bids for RD activity funding must be submitted using the online application form unless prior agreement has been gained from the GSLS.  Supporting documents will not be accepted apart from Reports that are required in the case of reapplications.  All questions about the bidding process should be directed to the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their bids by the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences.  In addition the outcome of all successful bids will be published on the GSLS website.

Departmental Support

Applications from members of the University or University Partner Institutes must have Departmental backing for their bid.  The Department should be the normal place of work of the applicant.  The Departmental Contact (e.g. Departmental Secretary or Finance Officer) must have been contacted before submitting the bid.

The Departments will be responsible for making sure that the activity is carried out as intended.  All successful applications from within individual Departments will be collated to help with administration.  To help with this you should coordinate your bids from within your Department.


All successful applicants must return the three reporting forms to the appointed contacts by the deadlines given.  The content of these forms is clearly explained in the Reporting Back and Online Reports sections of the website.  The forms must be submitted on the website using the online form or file upload.

We care about improving our RD Programme and evaluating these reports is one way in which we can do that.  Failure to return the Reports by the given deadlines or prior to any reapplication for further funding will prevent the GSLS from supporting new bids for that activity.  In addition RD funding to all events supported by that Department may be restricted.


Funding for successful events will be transferred to the relevant Departments by the end of November for Round 1, and by the end by February for Round 2 . The named Department is then responsible for ensuring procurement/expenditure compiles with the University's Financial Regulations.  Successful applicants should contact their Departmental Contact to make themselves aware of any further regulations.

External Applicants

External applicants should be known to the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences before submitting their bid.  Please make contact before the deadline.

External applicants should send all invoices to the GSLS Administrator.

Advertising and Publicity

All activities must be advertised in way that makes them clearly accessible to the proposed audience as stated in the bids.  If you are unsure how to contact a wider audience please contact the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences to discuss options.

Please acknowledge RD funding from the GSLS in your activities.  This helps raise the profile of the GSLS RD Funding strategy and encourages new applications in future funding rounds.

We may contact you for publicity purposes before or after your activity has run.