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Types of RD Activity

Four Tiers of RD Activities

In alignment with the University of Cambridge RDP activity provision the GSLS will be seeking to provide RD activities in each of four tiers.  We believe that this approach generates the best overall impact for postgraduate students by providing a diverse range of learning opportunities and chances for new skills to be developed over time.

Each tier of activity seeks to generate impact in a different way and applicants are encouraged to consider the most appropriate level for their event in order to balance potential impact against value for money.


TierType of ActivityPurpose of ActivityPotential Impact

Large-scale events (80-300 people)

e.g. lecture / webinar / conference

Inspire, motivate, add perspective,

signposting resources

Large number of

participants reached


Workshops (20-80 people)

e.g. whole / half day interactive sessions

Teach new skills, improve work, 

start applying to research

Skills taught and

applied to work


Action Learning Groups (5-10 people)

e.g. discussion groups / ideas forums

Continued application, motivate,

develop skill level

Skills nurtured and

developed over time


One-to-One Session (1-4 people)

e.g. coaching / evaluating work

Intense skill development, personal 

perspectives, problem solving

Deep impact for 

engaged students


Scope of Coverage

If a given skill has an activity from multiple tiers then the provision of training will be comprehensive and lead to greater impact.  The GSLS will be seeking to populate its RD programme with events from all of the tiers and is especially interested in making further use of Action Learning Groups in the coming year.