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What GSLS is Looking for

What is the GSLS looking for?

This section gives detailed guidance about what the GSLS are looking for in RD activities that it decides to fund.  This includes an overview of RD activities at the University of Cambridge, guidance on the format of activities, lists of eligible costs and practicalities of the application and review process.

Applicants should make sure they review this information and use it to prepare their bids as deviation from the core criteria will likely result in a bid being rejected.


GSLS is looking for activities that are...

  • RD Focused - the activities should teach skills that can be used to enhance researchers' experience
  • Relevant - the activities should be relevant for researchers within the Life Sciences
  • Open - the activities should be open to researchers from different departments, disciplines and stages of research career

GSLS will not use RD funding for activities that are...

  • Not RD Focused - the activities mainly teach knowledge or use funds to pay for refreshments
  • Duplication - the activities overlap with other RD events in the GSLS or the University RDP timetable
  • Exclusive - the activities are restricted to specific departments or teach subject specific or overly technical skills



Ultimately the GSLS is looking to fund RD activities that have Impact.  Impact can be measured in a number of different ways depending on the type of activity being organised but it helps evaluate the value of an activity.  Impact can be hard to prove, which is why evaluation of RD activities is so important, but it should be at the heart of every bid.

Examples of different types of RD activity and their potential impact are given on the Types of RD Activity page.