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Areas of Need

Areas of Need

The GSLS has identified a number of areas where there are gaps in our current provision of RD activities, either for a particular skill or a particular type of training.  As such we are assigning the following activities as Areas of Need in order to highlight this to applicants and to subsequently fill these gaps.  

It is hoped that innovative ways of providing for these RD activity needs will be generated by the bidding process and bids in these areas could be considered as pilot events to provide the information needed for evaluation before submitting a further bid for a larger scale event.

Submitting a bid in an Area of Need does not mean that applications will automatically be successful and the Areas of Need may change throughout the year in response to other activties that we decide to fund.

Current Areas of Need

  • Tier 2 Events (Action Learning Groups)
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • Public Science Policy