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Selection Process

Selection Criteria

After submission using the online interface, all bids for RD activities will be assessed using the following four criteria.  Bids that are reapplications for activities previously funded by the GSLS will also be assessed based on the Survey Feedback, Evaluation and Financial Reports which must be submitted with the application if not already done so.

Scope What is the scope of the activity?  Does it seek to include members of the GSLS from different disciplines, departments and stages of academic career?
Skills Is the activity focused on teaching RD skills?  Does it enhance specific areas of the Researcher Development Framework?  Does it fill gaps in the RD provision?
Administration Has the administrative burden of the event been considered?  Is there evidence of sound budgeting?  Are funds being used for RD activities?
Impact What is the projected impact of the event?  Does it represent good value for money?  Does it fit within a gap in the tiers of provision in this area?
Evaluation For previously funded projects the committee will look at the participant feedback from the Standardised Feedback Survey as well as the Evaluation and Financial Reports


Committee Members

The Selection Committee is a sub-committee of the GSLS Strategic Committee.  The membership will be announced here once it has been decided.

Researcher Developer for Life Science Dr Ben Murton (Chair)
Faculty of Biological Sciences Prof Steve Russell
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dr David Sargan
Faculty of Clinical Medicine Prof John Sinclair
MRC DTP (UPI Representative) Dr Ken Ong
Administrator of the GSLS Cathy Butler