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Who can apply for funding?


The GSLS believe that diversity of events is important.  As such, if the RD activity you are interested in running is targeted at postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers or other research staff who are part of the Graduate School of Life Sciences then you may be able to apply for funding.

From within the University or University Partner Institutes

  • Individuals - students, postdocs and staff
  • Groups - networks, societies and committees

Please note that all bids from within the University of University Partner Institutes will need to be supported by a senior contact in the departments in which the applicant normally works, for example the Director of Graduate Education.

From External Trainers

Bids from external trainers will be considered but any applicants should be known to the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences in advance of the bid being placed.  The bid will be made in conjunction with support from the Researcher Developer.

All applicants should careful read the Guidelines for GSLS RD Bids which give further details of the selection criteria and who to contact for further information.